(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Tipr?

The name Tipr is an homage to Flickr, which I loved back when I created this app in 2007.

Why Not Tippr?

Firstly, it’s shorter to type in a mobile device. Secondly, since we already dropped the “e” we figured why bother with the duplicate “p.” Thirdly, we can’t spel.

Who Made Tipr?

Tipr is the brainchild of Aaron Gustafson. He really built it to make his own life easier, but decided to share it with his friends (and the rest of the world).

The tip isn’t the percentage I specified. What gives?

Well, we make it so the total is always a palindrome.

Why is the total always a palindrome?

Palindromes are cool. Also, they make it really easy to scan your credit card statements to see if anyone has manipulated your tip amount.

What’s a palindrome?

Reads the same in either direction. Like “racecar” does. Look it up.

Is Tipr free?

Yes, Tipr is free and will remain so.